academic journal of humanities, social sciences and philosophy

About Humanicus

Humanicus is an academic journal (ISSN 1803-7836) concentrating on social sciences, humanities and philosophy, at the address, published by the Center for Good Governance Studies ( The journal has been dubbed a publication of importance by the Czech National Library.

Essays that can be classified as belonging to any social science are accepted for review and potential publishing. For now, we are accepting works in following areas:

Linguistics (general linguistics, English studies, Serbo-Croatian studies, Swedish studies, Chinese studies)
Culture studies (sometimes referred to as culturology) and anthropology
Holocaust studies

As the number of our reviewers grows, so will the count of the areas for which we accept essays.

Humanicus publishes articles in several languages (English, Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Mandarin). However, we would like to stress that the main language of the journal is English, and the authors are encouraged to try to submit in English as often as possible. In the case of the author’s command of English not being adequately good, he or she should submit in one of the abovementioned languages.

We also encourage young authors, even students, to submit essays. Student essays will be published in the Student Section.

Reviews of books, articles or any type of academic/artistic work are also accepted for publishing.

Humanicus is an electronic journal. The newest issue will always be downloadable in a .pdf format from this address, for free, as it is the opinion of the editor and the reviewing board that academic education should be available to all, not only to those with a deep pocket.